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Varun Arakattalai

Varun Arakattalai, a Non- Profit entity of Radiance Realty Developers Ltd has been established to bring about a sustainable and positive change in the lives of underprivileged children, youth, women and communities. The foundation’s major goal is to create a community where passionate people thrive, excel and lead collaborative efforts to solve the community’s imperative challenges.

After conducting a detailed study of the needs, aspirations and challenges of the community, Varun Arakattalai chose the Patinampakkam community to instrument its initial welfare activities. Few of the challenges articulated by them were Lack of employment skills, financial resources and parental support. As its first step the foundation has used sports as an instrument to promote health, education and empowerment.

Global Adjustments Foundation

Shakti Scholars

Qualifying aspects include a score of over 90 per cent in the Standard 10 Board Examinations and the aspiration to make it big in life – many of the girls come from very humble backgrounds but they are optimistic and dream of blazing their own trail. Choices include joining the Public Services, or becoming chartered accountants and entrepreneurs

Girls from economically less privileged backgrounds tend to lack fluency in English, display low self-confidence and have little exposure to technology. Above all, the financial constraints their families face hold them back from achieving their goals. However, the parents of these girls are extremely supportive of their daughters’ success and believe firmly in women’s potential to impact the world positively. In addition to financial assistance, mentoring, and classes in spoken English, goal setting and meditation classes will be provided to the recipients. The Global Adjustments Foundation is confident that these girls will excel in the fields that they choose to go into and bring laurels to their families and to the nation. Past years’ recipients have secured jobs at top notch companies such as TCS and Cognizant, and some have become entrepreneurs as well.

Radiance Genie

Radiance Genie is a unique CSR program initiated by Radiance. Central to the initiative is the idea of the Genie; a magical being that grants wishes to those in need.This simple yet effective CSR initiative is designed to help the community at large, one small step at a time. While being the brainchild of Radiance Realty, the program is open to volunteers who can donate or help out for a cause.

The Key causes supported by the Radiance Genies include the Tribal Hearts Foundation; a non-profit that works with marginalised communities. The Genies collected Stationery, Art Materials, School Books, Story Books, Colouring Books and other supplies to help children in School.

The most recent efforts by the Radiance Genies have been to help during the floods in Chennai. During the city’s darkest days, Radiance helped provide Shelter to over 250 Families and Meals to over 30,000 individuals. Now as the City begins to stand on its feet the Radiance Genies are hard at work helping out wherever possible.

You can be a Radiance Genie by taking a small step towards helping the community.

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Radiance Sports

Radiance Sports aims at overall development of young sporting talent and is the proud owner of 2 clubs which are PTRC in the cricket league and Chennai FC in the Super Division and Football League. CFC is now leading in the Chennai league in 2016 and Radiance Sports is looking to develop ISL stars.

Radiance Sports encourages the Talent to develop into young stars by sponsoring various sporting events such as Santosh Trophy, School Premier League, etc.

Varsha Gautham, Sweta Shervegar
grab silver in 49er FX Women's event at Asian Games 2018

Abhisheka Shannon
U17 Championship

Catch a glimpse of the action here.